Thursday, January 16, 2014


Salam and Hi.

We meet again hi dear readers! (If any) Truthfully, I never tell any of my friends that I actually hv a personal blog except for Shakila who accidentally discovered it when she used my laptop. I used to express feelings/ emotions in my blog which probably was the main reason I chose not to tell my friends of its existence, simply because-

1. I am positive 100% that they'll laugh their ass off when they know abt it
2. Making fun abt it will eventually become one of their routines
3. They'll know all my secrets! And I can never talk back about them anymore hiwww gurau! 

.... and I was not so active back then. This time around, I hope I will write consistently, at least 3 posts a week.  Writing, speaking, reading even taking a nap are all skills that need to be polished along time. You get better doing it after lots and lots of practices. As for me, I want to be a better reader, a better writer and a better napper? I've seen an individual who progressed tremendously in terms of her writing, and I sure am amazed! I loveeeee stalking other people's life hahaha so what I would do is to just read other people's blog randomly and anonymously, ahhh feel so cool leaving traces on the blog stats but the writer/the owner doesn't really know who you are ... unless he/she is actually very determined to trace/ to investigate abt you, the silent reader.

Alright, back to the person who showed great and by great I mean positive changes in her writings. She was my senior back in secondary school and alhamdulillah she was offered to further her study in the UK. I started to read her blog wayy before she left for UK. During that time, it was okay. However, it started to change ever since she left for UK. It was getting better and greater which I now consider it as one of the best writings! She has improved a lot in terms of styles of writings, language used grammar and whatnot - and all these came from hard work, passion, determination and the desire to change! I remember when she started to write, she had claimed that one of the reasons/ the catalyst that is pushing her drive to write, to write mooooreee is the line (I remember it clearly!) - I want to improve my English which is now my reason too. :)

 Little change can sometimes bring bigger opportunities, brighter future. It is better to take the risk and failing rather than not doing anything. Get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and learn to live.

Small things can mean BIG.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Midas Touch

Salam and Hi.

Midas, according to the Greek mythology was one of the most powerful kings ever existed. He had the ability to turn everything into gold! He must be soooo rich. Oh well, after all, he's the king -..-  Care to share any king who is not rich? He must be so awesome then. I've always wondered how does it feel to be one of those royal bloods? All they need to do is to chant the magical spell of, I want ..(insert any wish) and everything will be ready before their eyes.

Oh no! I think I hate you! Aveda kadavra! 
*Pooooffff and the person you hated so much died instantly

Emm, teh ais in this scorching sun would be niceeeeee.  Babbabablaluwiaiss!
*Chinggggg and a glass of teh ais appeared in a split second

I guess that must be realllllyyyyyy fun. To have everything and to worry abt nothing.

However, sure, life isn't that easy or otherwise it won't be called as 'life'. Life is here to teach you, to build you. There would be no ups if it wasn't because of the downs. Riding a rollercoaster isn't as fun if it only goes up. Going up makes you feel anxious waiting for it to drop and come down. But once you get through the 'down', you will notice that it isn't as scary as what you thought. You'll later be more prepared to face the rest of the ups and downs, till the end of the ride/journey. At the end of the day, hopefully you and I will be to say that we are grateful that we've been given the chance to go through the journey, making who we are, again hopefully a better and a stronger khalifah of Allah.


Opsiee (that's how Arissa, one of my students would say when something goes wrong) I guess I've gone to far from where I should be, far from the 'Midas touch' I should be talking abt.

Well, if King Midas could turn anything that he touches into a gold, I on the other hand, my touch could bring catastrophe! Blerghh, I hate to say this but why oh why everything that I touch will either be broken or it wouldn't function as nicely as it did to the others. I sure iz sad :,(

Recently, I've been tested for quite several times - my car got towed by the money sucker MBSA, my bank card got swallowed by the hungry machine, the printer decided to 'play' aucak aucak with me ... and others that I can't even remember, or I chose to discard from my memory bank pheww

Astaghfirullah, so many trials from You Allah but as a saying goes, after the rain comes the rainbow hence I shall not be complaining but learn from the mistakes done. 1 good thing abt being tested/ getting into troubles is, you will be moreee prepared for the future cewahaha.

After this, I can even brag/ teach my friends on how to claim your car from MBSA, alone - ask me, I know, I'm your sifu ready at your sevice kahkahkah  
Your bank got swallowed by the evil monster? Worry not, ask me! haha
The printer isn't working the way it should? Ask engineer 'Afifah! She sure knows how to fix it (only applicable for canon LBP 3050)

So the next time you get into trouble, sweat not, frown not instead wiggle your hips, waive your hands and go loco for a minute and say, I'm okay, I'm alright, I'm gonna fix this let's fight fight! (sing like a cheerleader) What?? Impossible?? Kenottt? Remember, the power of imaaaaagination ;)

* Oh wait, I forgot to tell you something. Don't you find it funny that King Midas had to wear a glove to suppress his magical power? And what if he happens to accidentally touch himself? Oh nooooooo. Honeyyy, I turned myself into a gold!

A comeback!


It has been long since I last rant in here. Life has been much busier, hectic than ever ..... (not) I was just so lazy actually. Lazy - It's a very serious disease I must say, even scarier and dangerous than cancer. It stops and hinders you in almost every aspect of your life - which is sooo not good.

Case 1

Ahhh.. I should be doing my Academic Exercise now. It's already January. I should hv at least completed chapter 1 and chapter 3 by now. Oh but wait! Look, there's a new picture of Juna on instag!

 *scrolls, scrolls dowwwnnn further

(1hr gone wasted .. )

Case 2

Wow! It's big bad wolf! Let's grab some new awesome books. Emmheemmmm yayyy new books, new books!! Let's get the brain do some workouts, build some muscles ohoyeahhh. 


And thereee, lie my pretty books, untouched since the first day I brought them home. Oh well, I did stare at them but it wasn't more than that, and I do feel pity for them. Mehhh.

I know that only 'realizing' 'noticing' this bad habit of mine wouldn't be suffice. I need to do more than that and that is to take actions! 

A girl could never understand your feelings for her if the only thing that you did was to say I love you ... to yourself.

A car can never move on its own unless you drive it, which is a perfect 'simile' to your body.

A hungry tummy can only be fed-
  1. when you go to the kitchen/restaurants/ any places with sources of food and get a bite
  2. scream (not literally okay, not good haipp!) to your mum/ anney at mamak stalls saying 'I'm hungryyy give me some food!!'
I guess the two options given pretty much explain the need for you to take actions! Never wait, never expect, never ever ever try to find excuses because that wouldn't help you at all - that will definitely bring you to ... nothing,

dear self.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Assalamualaikum, hi.

Saya dah start praktikal! -,-

Rasa apa? Macam macam rasa.

Masuk fasa 20-an ni umpama masuk fasa yang betul betul asing, yang teramat baru.
Maka setujulah saya dengan kata-kata seorang sahabat,

It's really hard to be an adult. Pheww

Anyway, pasal praktikal. Now, praktikal dekat KISAS. Allah Maha Kaya, Allah Maha Mengetahui segala yang baik dan buruk. Dulu ayah beria suruh belajar dekat sana. Tapi rezeki takda masa tu. And now Allah bagi rezeki tu, masih terus memberikan peluang untuk diri yang hina ni merasa nikmat Nya :)

Praktikal macam mana?

Ada naik, ada turun, ada mendatar.
Saya dah masuk kelas huii! And I did bad I think for my first attempt. Now sapa taknak clear and perfect punya starting kan? Mula mula ada la rasa down rasa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I kenot do this. Tapi, lets face it, menjerit, meraung, menyesali, mana paedoh nya?

Maka, bangkitlah diri. Motivate lah diri kamu ya. InshaaAllah. Dan doakanlah saya ya!

Sekin luahan hati. eheh.